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Whiskey Coffee

Whiskey Coffee

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There are some things that pair well with each other; peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, coffee and whiskey. Before they're roasted, the beans go into a recently emptied whiskey barrel for a few weeks until they naturally soak up all the smokey, oaky and sweet flavor notes. So whether you're looking for a great cup of coffee to start your day or to enjoy with friends and family, Whiskey Coffee is the perfect choice. 


There are many reasons why Joshua Tree California stands out as a primer destination for vacationers, one of them is Joshua Tree Distillery. Among their award winning selection of spirits, is their Lost Horse Whiskey. This whiskey blend is easily one of the most smooth, well balanced whiskeys in existence. We are proud to partner with a company whose love for the craft can be tasted in every sip.


Our coffee comes in bean form to ensure freshness in every brew. Also, our coffee is booze infused and it doesn’t contain alcohol. I promise you, you will still have an enjoyable ride. 

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