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Tequila Coffee

Tequila Coffee

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Tequila Coffee

Have you ever considered robbing a bank with the intention of getting caught because you've already planned your escape... on horseback? We here at El Bandido Coffee Co. publicly don't condone grand larceny in any form, but damn, bandidos are cool. Everyone knows that real Bandidos drink tequila. Our tequila coffee is everything we love about our medium roast with a little agave twist. The result is a blend that's both sweet and savory, making it the perfect choice for coffee lovers who want something a little different.

Before they're roasted, the beans go into a recently emptied tequila barrel for a few weeks until they soak up all the smokey, and sweet flavor notes. A great choice for entertaining guests or gifting to your favorite coffee aficionado. So why wait? Order your bag of Tequila Coffee today and experience the perfect blend of rich coffee and sweet agave flavor. The smell alone will make your mouth water. The taste will make you feel like robbing a bank... but don't.


Our coffee comes in bean form to ensure freshness in every brew. Also, our coffee is booze infused and it doesn’t contain alcohol. I promise you, you will still have an enjoyable ride.

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