What We Value

Our goal with this endeavor is to create an extraordinary coffee drinking experience. We want you to take your first sip and say, "wow, that's bad-ass." For many of us, coffee is a part of life and we would be honored for El Bandido to a part of yours. Let us be your morning muse, warm your soul on a rainy day,  create campfire memories with  your loved ones and most importantly bring a big smile to your gorgeous face. We care very much for our collaborators and partners in crime. All of the distilleries that we work with put as much love, effort and dedication into their spirits as we do our coffee. El Bandido Coffee Co. is, and always will be, a labor of love that we are excited to share with the world.

Giving Back

We are firm believers that what goes around comes around. For that reason, we're committed to giving back to our planet and community. Our coffee beans are "direct trade." This means that the farmers and co-ops dictate the price of their coffee, not the stock market or the man! As a result, the coffee beans are noticeably better and the farming communities  tend to have a higher quality of life. Used coffee grounds from our farmers markets are  donated  to community gardens that we sponsor. We are also working to eventually have all of our packaging come from recycled materials. With our powers combined, we are Captain Bandido.